Kolding Municipality

Kolding Kommune is a Danish municipality in eastern Jutland. The present municipality was created on 1 January 2007 as part of local government reform by combining the "old" Kolding municipality with the former municipalities Lunderskov, Vamdrup and Christian field (except the parishes Bjerning, Fjelstrup and Hjerndrup who joined the new Haderslev Kommune ) as well as the parish Vester Nebel Egtved the former municipality.

Kolding municipality has a total population of 89 556 inhabitants (as of January 1, 2013 ) and an area of ​​604.40 km ². It is part of Syddanmark Region. Council is based in Kolding. The municipality operates within the region Trekantområdet along with five neighboring municipalities.

The area contains the following parishes (Danish: Sogn ) and villages with over 200 inhabitants ( byer as defined by the Danish Bureau of Statistics ), with a registered population of zero, the place in the past had more than 200 inhabitants. The suburb Harte, in the 2009 or 318 inhabitants lived is counted since 2010 statistically Kolding, in the table, this is marked A.