Christiansfeld Municipality

Christian field municipality was a municipality in Jutland Office ( Northern Schleswig ) in Denmark. It was created in 1970 through a merger of the Christian patch field and the rural communities Aller, Bjerning, Fjelstrup, Frørup ( German: Frörup ), Hejls ( German: salvation ), Hjerndrup, stepping, tap, Tyrstrup and Vejstrup.

Although the area was part of the Duchy of Schleswig, the local council forced immediately after becoming aware of the plans for local government reform in 2002 to connect to the north at the Kolding Kommune, the prophesied because of its easily accessible since the construction of the bridge over the Great Belt and the Øresund situation further economic upswing will. In several communities, on the other hand suggested protest, and it came to a referendum. The three southern municipalities Hjerndrup, Fjelstrup and Bjerning majority voted for a connection with Haderslev ( German: Haderslev ) and have been part of the municipal reform 2007 new large municipality Haderslev.

Pictures of Christiansfeld Municipality