Palais Lieben-Auspitz

The Palais Lieben- Auspitz is a palace in Vienna in the first district of Vienna Inner City, University ring 4, known as the site of the cafe Landtmann and the legendary salon of Berta Zuckerkandl - Szeps.


It was built by the brothers Leopold, Adolf, Helene, Richard and Ida loved ones and her cousin and husband Helene Rudolf Auspitz under the architect Carl Schumann and Ludwig Tischler 1873/74 in the style of historicism.

On the ground floor is the famous Cafe Landtmann. Berta Zuckerkandl - Szeps celebrated in this house her literary salon ( input Oppolzergasse 6). Leopold loved ones moved in 1888 to the first floor and set it in a rococo style. He was the father of the physicist Robert von Lieben.

In the house lived Leopold loving daughter, sister Valerie Roberts, with her husband John Paul Karplus, a doctor. Living both in the United States grandson Martin Karplus 2013 was awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry.