Parisii (Gaul)

The Parisii (Latin Parisii ) were a Celtic tribe of the Iron Age, who lived on the banks of the Seine to the time of the Roman Empire. Your biggest " city " ( oppidum ) was Lutetia Parisiorum which under the Romans - an important center of the region was - now called Lutetia. It later emerged the city of Paris.

During the Gallipoli campaign of Julius Caesar ( Caesar's De Bello Gallico see ) fought the Parisii on the side of Vercingetorix against the Roman conquerors. It is possible that after their defeat some of them fled to Britain. More likely, however, that even during the waves of the Belgian immigration to Britain Parisii had emigrated.

However, the Romano-British Parisierstämme near East Yorkshire and Humberside in Britain are descended with great certainty by a Celtic tribe.

The funeral rites of both strains differed only minimally, and the Arras Culture, which was settled around East Yorkshire in the early La Tène period, shows clear continental influences.

Evidence of burials in which the deceased in a vehicle under square hills buried (carriage grave of Wetwang ) was found in both regions.

Some genealogists believe that surnames such as Paris, Parrish, O'Parish etc. have their origin in this strain. The steady wave of immigrants and the number of conquests, the UK has experienced since the Iron Age, however, speaks against it.