Parliament of England

The English Parliament (English Parliament of England) was the first parliament in the British Isles, it was in 1707 in the British Parliament (now Parliament of the United Kingdom ) over.


The Origins of the English Parliament are due to the Anglo-Saxon Witenagemot, a council of leading men. The Curia Regis - - After leading nobles of King John in the Magna Carta were granted significant rights in 1215, the royal council developed slowly to a parliament. The English Civil War (1642-1649), during which the Long Parliament met, was King Charles I. held between parliamentarians and the supporters.

The term of office of the Parliament was initially not restricted. It was established in the Triennial Act of 1694 to three years.

With the Act of Union in 1707, the English and the Scottish Parliament (English Parliament of Scotland) in Edinburgh were united to the British Parliament.

Adopted by the English Parliament laws

  • Act of Settlement
  • Uniformity
  • Act of Union 1536
  • Supremacy
  • Alien Act
  • Act of Union 1707


After the re-establishment of regional parliaments in other parts of the United Kingdom is growing in England, the desire for a reestablishment of the English Parliament.