The Parnes after the forest fire in 2007

The (also: the ) Parnes ( ancient Greek Πάρνης, genitive Πάρνηθος in Modern Greek, Πάρνηθα, Parnitha ( f sg ) ) is a mountain range in the north of the Greek peninsula of Attica, north-west of Athens. It belongs to the mountain range that separates Attica from Boeotia; west joins the Cithaeron.

The sparsely populated Parnes extends about 40 km in east-west direction. The highest peak has an altitude of 1,413 Karavola m. The dense forest of the mountain was destroyed in a forest fire end of June 2007 to a large extent.

In ancient times, several fortifications were built in the Parnes, including the fortresses tribe, Dekeleia and Panakton. In addition, there was a loud Pausanias Zeus cult.

The Parnes is not to be confused with the Greek Mount Parnassus, with whom she but probably shares the same root word.