Paul Andreu

Paul Andreu (* July 10, 1938 in Caudéran in Bordeaux, Gironde, France ) is a French engineer, architect and author. Andreu designed around 50 airport building in Europe, Asia and Africa. In 2005 he published a first novel (L' Archipel de la Mémoire ). Andrew was also involved with Johan Otto von Spreckelsen the construction of the Grande Arche in the situated west of Paris business district of La Défense.


Paul Andreu is the son of a high school teacher of mathematics. He attended the École polytechnique in 1958, then gained at the École Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées in 1963 his engineering degree, and finally at the École des Beaux -Arts in 1968 his degree in architecture. The following year, he went into the company Aéroports de Paris, which manages the 14 Paris airports and airfields, under which the airports of Paris -Charles de Gaulle, Orly and Le Bourget are the most important. In 1974 he was promoted to chief architect and project manager. He built about 50 airports, before he became a partner of Johan Otto von Spreckelsen. After the untimely death of the same he completed the Grande Arche in 1989. In the headlines Andreu came than in May of 2004, one of the arches of the eleven months earlier inaugurated passenger hall of the terminal collapsed 2E of the Charles -de- Gaulle airport, what the part collapse the hall had about 30 meters of sea and four people lost their lives. The causes are not released.

Since the turn of the millennium Andreu is increasingly active in Asia. A spectacular building he designed with the Chinese National Opera in Beijing, for which he was awarded the contract despite the opposition of Chinese architects.


Airport and station building:

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