PC Gamer

PC Gamer is a computer game magazine publisher Future plc of the UK, which is published in several countries.


British edition

The PC Gamer was the first magazine from Future in the UK, which exclusively focused on reporting for Windows games. It stood for a long time in competition with the PC Zone until it has also been adopted by Future. The PC Gamer distinguished in particular by extensive reports. Compared to the PC Zone they had finally to the stronger sales figures.


  • January to June 2005: 57 023 copies / month
  • January to June 2007: 41 599 copies / month
  • July-December 2007: 38,654 copies / month
  • January - June 2008: 32 619 copies / month

U.S. edition

The U.S. edition of the magazine began with the May / June 1994 and has an independent editorial board. The end of 1999 took Futures American publishing company Imagine Media the competition booklet PC Games (U.S. ) of the IDG Publishing and merged it with the PC gamers.


  • 2003: 309 460 copies

German offshoot

In July 1999, Future took over the running since 1992 German print magazine PC Player of the WEKA group. As part of the acquisition, the design of the PC player has been adapted to the PC Gamer magazine and the thus constructed as a German sister magazine PC Gamer, among others, supplemented by reports translated by U.S. magazine. In summer 2001, however, a Future presented all activities on the German market, the PC player was dissolved.

More local offshoot

  • Australia ( August 1998 until 2004)
  • Malaysia (until December 2011)
  • Russia
  • Sweden
  • Spanish Edition PC Juegos y Jugadores

Online presence

The original website of PC Gamer UK was summed up in 2007 along with other publications from Future (such as PC Zone, Xbox World 360, PlayStation World, PSM3, NGamer ) under the umbrella of the website Computer and Video Games. 2010 started with Future pcgamer.com a new joint appearance of his two English editions.