People's Democratic Party of Tajikistan

The People's Democratic Party of Tajikistan ( tadschik. Ҳизби халқии демократии Тоҷикистон - Hizbi Democratic Khalqīi Tojikston ) is a leftist political party in Tajikistan. It is the ruling party in Tajikistan and is led by Emomali Rahmon, the current president of the country.

In the penultimate elections that took place between 27 February and 13 March 2005, the party won 74 % and moved with 52 of 63 seats in parliament. The elections, however, were manipulated by foreign observers strong to bring about a new victory of the President ( after 1994 and 1999). In the last elections, which were held on 28 February 2010, the party won 71.69 % and moved with 45 of 63 seats in parliament. Foreign observers from the Commonwealth of Independent States and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization have the options described as fair and transparent and were satisfied with them.

The headquarters is located in the Palace of the unit in Dushanbe, the capital of the country.