Pirate perch ( Aphredoderus sayanus )

The salmon -like grouper ( Percopsiformes ) are an order in freshwater bony fish of North America live ( Osteichthyes ).


As the name implies, it combines the features of Perciformes ( Perciformes ) ( sting rays at the beginning of the dorsal fin ) with those of the salmon -like ( Salmoniformes ) ( adipose fin, but may be absent ). With both sets of fish but they are not related ( with the Barschartigen least something closer than with the salmon -like ), but they belong as part of the Paracanthomorphacea for immediate family of cod -like. Perch Lachsartige have not vorstülpbare premaxilla ( a bone of the upper jaw ) and six Branchiostegalstrahlen. Most species have ctenoid scales. The pelvic fins are, if they exist, behind the pectoral fins and are supported by three to eight soft rays. Rather soft hard jets are available in the dorsal fin. The caudal fin is supported by 16 branched fin rays. The fish have 27 to 35 vertebrae.


There are three families, seven genera and nine species.

  • Blind Fish ( Amblyopsidae )
  • Pirate perch ( Aphredoderidae )
  • Perch salmon ( Percopsidae )

The perch salmon are detected with Amphiplaga, Erismatopterus, Lateopisculus and Massamorichthys fossil from the Eocene 50 million years ago.