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The cohort (Latin: cohors = heap, flock ) is a rank of biological systematics. It is used for classification and naming of organisms (taxonomy ).


It is inserted on large taxa between two ranks to represent the phylogenetic relationships better. May also be present for further subdivision immediately above the cohort About cohort ( supercohort ) and immediately below a sub- cohort ( subcohort ).

The position of the cohort within the ranks of the classical system is not well-defined. Mostly it is inserted between the subclass and superorder or order.

Example: Nomenclature of bonefish after Wiley & Johnson, 2010

  • Subclass of True bony fish ( Teleostei ) cohort Euteleosteomorpha Under cohort Protacanthopterygii Order gold Lachsartige ( Argentiniformes )
  • Order Salmoniformes Subordination pike -like ( Esocoidei )
  • Subordination stint behaved ( Osmeroidei )
  • Subordination Lachsartige ( Salmonoidei )
  • Order Tiefseequappenartige ( Ateleopodiformes )
  • Order Maulstachler ( Stomiiformes )


In the scheme of mites by Krantz & Walter, 2009, the cohorts between the suborders and superfamilies are inserted. Again, there are over cohorts and sub- cohorts.


  • Suborder Prostigmata About cohort Anystides cohort Anystina Superfamily Adamystoidea
  • Superfamily Anystoidea
  • Superfamily Caeculoidea
  • Superfamily Paratydeoidea
  • Superfamily Pomerantzioidea
  • Under cohort Hydrachnidiae ( freshwater mites) Superfamily Hydrovolzioidea
  • Superfamily Hydrachnoidea
  • Superfamily Hydryphantoidea
  • Superfamily Hygrobatoidea
  • Superfamily Arrenuroidea
  • Superfamily Stygothrombioidea
  • Superfamily Calyptostomatoidea
  • Superfamily Erythraeoidea
  • Superfamily Trombidioidea
  • Superfamily Chyzerioidea
  • Superfamily Trombiculoidea
  • Superfamily Tanaupodoidea



In botany, the rank of the cohort came already in the late 19th century into disuse. Here was their use is not uniform: while it stands at Stephan Ladislaus finite above the class, George Bentham and Joseph Dalton Hooker used them equal to today's order.