• Naseeruddin Shah: Phirojshah Pithawala
  • Anupam Kher: Pestonjee ( Pesi )
  • Shabana Azmi: Jeroo
  • Kiran Thakursingh - Kher: Soona Mistry
  • Veera Sorabjee
  • Chandu Parkhi
  • Farrokh Mehta
  • Dady Sarkari
  • Mehra Vakil
  • Achyut Potdar
  • Girija Katdare
  • Anant Bhave
  • Rusi Sethna
  • Mary Sethna
  • Polly Shroff
  • Rooky Dadachandji
  • Mehru Madan
  • Madhav Pradhan
  • Shivaji Satam
  • Suneel Tawde
  • Nagesh Morvekar

Pestonjee is an Indian feature film by director Vijaya Mehta in the year 1987. He plays in the Bombay of the 1950s and 60s in the community of Parsis.


Phiroj, a more restrained accountants, and Pestonjee, a lively business man, are friends. Both are already in middle age and still bachelors, but endeavor to a suitable wife. Independently of each other, they examine Jeroo surrounded by her family. While Phiroj immediately in love during his visit to Jeroo, but is hesitant to Pestonjee decides for them and Phiroj is shocked when he suddenly sees Jeroo as a bride of his friend. He puts back his feelings and remains friends with the couple. Phiroj writes with them even when he takes a job outside of Bombay and pulls away. When he finds during a brief visit that the marriage of the two is in tatters, he makes this Pestonjee reproach. He discovers that his friend introduces extramarital affair with the confident lawyer Soona. Phiroj announces Pestonjee the friendship, but must after his sudden death unexpectedly find that the situation was completely different than he had imagined.

Jeroo Phiroj did not like from the beginning, they wanted no children and was dismissive towards Pestonjee, he is therefore a relationship with Soona been received and they have a child together, which they named after Phiroj. Phiroj recognizes that everyone leads his own life and it is better not to interfere in the affairs of others, but to accept their life choices as they are.


Pestonjee based on a short story by Burjor Khurshedji Karanjia from the 1950s. He is one of the few films that represent exclusively parsing and their habits and rules in the center of the action. Drama, speech and facilities adhere to popular notions of a community that is often caricatured as a particularly peculiar. The melancholy comedy was produced by India's state film funding National Film Development Corporation and was a success at film festivals in Singapore, Hong Kong, Los Angeles and Hawaii.


The film was awarded at the 35th National Film Awards for Best Film in Hindi. The costume designers Ramilla Patel and Mani Rabadi received the National Film Award for Best Costume Design.