Petronilla of Aquitaine

Alix Petronilla of Aquitaine (French: Aélis Petronilla of Aquitaine, * 1125 in Poitiers, Aquitaine, † 1151 in Saint -Quentin ) was by marriage Countess of Vermandois and sister of Eleanor of Aquitaine.


Petronilla was the youngest daughter of Duke William X of Aquitaine and his wife Eleanor of Chatellerault. Her older sister was Eleanor of Aquitaine, who became Queen of France and England.

Since her father had died in 1137, she came into the care of her uncle, Count Raymond of Poitiers, Prince of Antioch. After the marriage of her sister in July of the same year with the French king Louis VII Alix came to the French court in Paris. Through her beauty, she twisted her head many, including the Seneschal of France, Raoul I of Vermandois, Valois ( 1085-1152 ). This repudiated his wife Eleanor in 1142 ( 1100-1148 ), daughter of Count Stephen of Blois and Adela of Normandy. When the papal legate in Lagny -sur -Marne declared the divorce of the Count of Vermandois from his first wife due to close relationship to be invalid, they occupied the same Raoul and Alix with excommunication. After the Pope Innocent II died in 1143, his successor, Pope Celestine II picked this up again. From the union two children were born: Isabelle Mabile, Countess of Flanders (1143-1183) and Raoul II of lepers ( 1145-1167 ). Alix died giving birth to her third child.