Pforzheimer Zeitung

The Pforzheimer Zeitung (abbr. PZ ) is a daily newspaper published in Pforzheim.

It is the market leader in their area of ​​distribution, in addition to the city of Pforzheim, the Enz and some adjacent communities, especially in the northern district of Calw covers. The Pforzheimer Zeitung is published by J. Esslinger GmbH & Co. KG in Pforzheim in a circulation of 36 531 copies. Including the local editor in Muehlacker work in the Pforzheimer Zeitung around 40 editors.

In Pforzheim and around the Pforzheimer Zeitung is the Pforzheimer Kurier, a local edition of appearing in Karlsruhe Baden Latest news, in the competition. In the southern part of their range, the PZ competes next with regional editions of Oberndorf am Neckar appearing Black Forest messengers, in the southeastern Enz with the Leonberg county newspaper, a local edition of the Stuttgarter Zeitung, and in the eastern Enz with the Muehlacker daily paper, a jacket edition of the Stuttgarter Nachrichten.

On April 1, 2009 to issue the northern Black Forest has been set. In the northern district of Calw since the issue of the town of Pforzheim is delivered. At the same time took place in the affected communities, with the exception of Schomberg, a switch to mail delivery.

Publisher of the Pforzheimer Zeitung is Albert Esslinger - jaw; after the resignation of Jürgen Metkemeyer as editor in chief initiated Holger Knöferl ( deputy editor ) and Magnus Bad ( Editor in Chief ) on an interim basis the editors shops

Since February 1, 2010 Thomas Satinsky is the managing editor of the Pforzheimer Zeitung.


A first newspaper was established in 1794 in Pforzheim, entitled Weekly news by and for Pforzheim. In 1832 it changed its name to The Observer. From 1856 the newspaper was published for 66 years under the title Pforzheimer observers, from 1 January 1858 in a larger format and five times a week. 1905 merged the newspaper with this bulletin Municipal day sheet for Pforzheimer General Anzeiger. The Pforzheimer Latest news, like the leaf was from October 1918, had to cease publication in the throes of inflation time.

In 1925 the newspaper appeared again as Pforzheimer Rundschau, first as a weekly, from October 1928 again daily. In the era of National Socialism, the Rundschau published continuously until they had allegedly set of paper shortage on 1 March 1943.

On July 29, 1947, the American occupying powers granted first a license for the publication of a new newspaper under the title Süddeutsche General, which had to be printed because of the destruction of the printing house in the bomb attack of 23 February 1945 in Karlsruhe. The initial licensee Johann Peter Brandenburg and Felix Richter eliminated by December 1, 1949 from the publisher through, from the Jacob Esslinger took over all shares. Already on October 1, 1949, the first edition of the Pforzheimer Zeitung was published.