Phil Graham

Philip Graham ( * July 18, 1915; † August 3, 1963 ) was an American media mogul.

As editor of the Law Review in 1940, he married Katharine Graham, in 1942 the Army Air Corps turned to and worked for William Donovan and Al McCormick. In 1946 he was co-editor of the Washington Post. The circles in which he moved, became known as the Georgetown Set. As a supporter of Democrats trying to build as President from 1953 Lyndon B. Johnson. In the Kennedy era Graham gave many of his old friends to positions of influence. His close ties to the CIA also had an impact on the media organization in the United States. He took over the control of the television stations WTOP and WJXT, Newsweek, Art News and portfolio - here it was his old connection to McCormick helpful. Graham took, mentally ill, with a firearm life.

  • Publishers ( 20th century)
  • Americans
  • Born in 1915
  • Died in 1963
  • Man