Philip Michael Thomas

Philip Michael Thomas ( born May 26, 1949 in Columbus, Ohio ) is an American actor. He was also listed under the name of Philip M. Thomas and Philip Thomas uncredited movies.

Philip Michael Thomas began his career as a stage actor and debuted in 1971 in the award-winning piece No Place to be Somebody. As a result he had some minor roles in films and guest appearances on various TV productions. Among other things, Thomas had a cameo in the successful series Starsky & Hutch and roots, respectively. Mid-1980s, Thomas became world famous for his role as Ricardo Tubbs, or its undercover ego Rico Cooper, in the hit TV series Miami Vice.

He is also known as Willy Dumas from the series Extra Large (two supertypes in Miami ) and as Padre Zack in Two angels with four fists. Additionally, he was the video game character " Lance Vance " in two games of the " Grand Theft Auto " series (GTA Vice City and GTA Vice City Stories ) his voice.

The German dubbing voice of Philip Michael Thomas aka Ricardo Tubbs, was acquired by the German actor Lutz Mackensy.

Philip Michael Thomas also works as a musician and composer since the age of eleven. In 1985 he published " Livin 'the Book of My Life" and 1988 " Somebody". The commercial success did not come, however. His music has a wide range of styles and some of his pieces were - as well as songs from his colleagues and Film Partners Don Johnson - Miami Vice used. Since prolonged Thomas has announced the release of his autobiography. He is said to have numerous love affairs and relationships in which they originate twelve children.

He now lives in a villa in Coral Groves, Miami, Florida.