Pia Beckmann

Pia Beckmann ( born May 14, 1963 in Gerolzhofen ) is a Bavarian local politician (CSU ). From 1 May 2002 to 30 April 2008 she was Mayor of the Lower Franconian city of Würzburg. It belonged from 2005 to 2008 the Presidium of the German Association of Cities to.


After studying German and Romance studies at the Würzburg Julius- Maximilians- University, she wrote her doctoral thesis in German on the subject of abortion as a problem of language - A linguistic text analysis of selected draft legislation to reform the Penal Code § 218. Besides her work as a lecturer in German at the Julius- Maximilians- University, she was also from 1991 to 2002 chairman of the Family Federation of Catholics in the Diocese of Würzburg.

In 1996, Beckmann first time in the city council. In the local elections in 2002 Beckmann received on the first ballot on March 3 at six opposition candidates even before the incumbent Mayor Jürgen Weber ( Würzburg list) with 29.8 % the most votes in the subsequent run-off election on March 17, they then could almost 54% clearly prevail surprisingly against him. Prior to this municipal election was announced that Beckmann was a member of the Catholic lay organization Opus Dei. Today, it has, by his own admission, no relation to Opus Dei more.

In the local elections 2008, she joined again for the CSU. In the first round she won 41.3 % and their challengers Georg Rosenthal ( SPD) 24.7%. She also had 36 192 votes with the best result of all city council candidates. In the second ballot she defeated Georg Rosenthal with 47.53 %. She was director of the clean energy GmbH in gable city afterwards. In January 2014, it switches to the factor GmbH in Kolbenmoor.

Beckmann was married to the lawyer Rainer Beckmann and has four children. Her daughter Maria Beckmann took fourth place in the fourth season of Germany's Next Top Model. Beckmann is romantically involved with Klaus Hiltrop.