Pirate's Cove

German Games Award 2002: No. 9 Game of the Year 2002: Games Hit with friends Swiss Award 2002 Games Freak Games: Place 2

Pirate's Cove is a board game by Paul Randles and Daniel Stahl.

The game was first published in 2002 to Amigo German. Days of Wonder produced in 2003 an English edition with slightly different rules than Pirate's Cove and sells this version since 2005 to German. Days of Wonder distributes a French (La Crique the Pirates) and a Dutch version (pirate Baai ). In Finland, the game is distributed as Merirosvopoukama of Lautapelit.fi.

In the game, each player takes the role of a pirate captain and tries to be the most glorious pirate.

Game play

The game consists of twelve rounds. The player can drive his pawn in the form of a pirate ship at the beginning of each round to one of six islands. If two ships together in an island, so it comes to a fight.

The loser has to retreat to the pirate bay and the winner gets to plunder the island and improve his ship. Each ship has four categories in which it can be upgraded: the sails, the cannon, the team and the hull. These values ​​are decisive victory or defeat in the fighting.

In addition, there are on each island to plunder natural treasures that you can unload on Treasure Island later. Of course one gets with each captured treasure chest again added a lot of fame.

In addition to the appearance drives even a legendary pirate in the waters on the loose. Him it is to evade the ship is strong enough.