The PL -2 is a Chinese short-range air - to-air missile.


The PL -2 is a licensed copy of the Soviet rocket AA -2 Atoll, which in turn is a copy of U.S. AIM -9B Sidewinder. Steering is carried out as in the examples by means of an infrared sensor, the warhead is fired by means of a proximity fuze. The evolution of the PL -2 began in the 1960s when China had obtained the required technology from the Soviet Union. The serial production began in 1970. All variants were replaced in the 1980s by the more powerful PL -5.


  • PL -2A: Improved version; never produced due to technical problems.
  • PL -2B: Improved steering; new search head and adapted Nährungszünder. Introduced in 1978.
  • PL -3: Revised control surfaces, increased warhead. Introduced in 1980.


  • J -5 ( MiG -17 Fresco )
  • J -6 ( MiG -19 Farmer )
  • J -7 ( MiG -21 Fishbed )


PL -2B