The PL -5 is a Chinese short-range air - to-air missile.


The development of PL -5 was launched in April 1966, first test was carried out from 1967. It was both an infrared and a semi-active guided version provided. The program was sluggish, which was partly due to technical difficulties, the other to the effects of the Cultural Revolution. The first launch attempt took place under conditions of use in 1983. Nevertheless, the performance was set because the military budget was cut in favor of economic development. However, the IR-guided version of P -5B survived the cuts and was certified in 1986. The rocket was introduced in the late 1990s to replace the obsolete PL -2. The steering system and the seeker, however, were only slightly modernized in the initial version. The structure of the rocket is similar to the AIM - 9G Sidewinder.


  • PL- 5C More stable cell which allows maneuvers with higher G- forces.
  • PL -5E: " All- aspect" capability ( can attack targets from all directions ).


  • J -5 ( MiG -17 Fresco )
  • J -6 ( MiG -19 Farmer )
  • J -7 ( MiG -21 Fishbed )
  • A-5 Fantan

Export customers

Albania, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Tanzania, Zimbabwe