Planococcaceae are a family of bacteria belonging to the Firmicutes. The name derives from the Greek word " planos " (Wanderer ) and the Greek word " coccus " (grain ) and refers to the ability of some species of the family to get around (they are motile ). The type genus is Planococcus.


The cells are either rod-or kokkenförmig. Thus, the genus Planococcus is coccus having a diameter of 1 to 1.2 microns. The type Jeotgalibacillus Alimentarius forms chopsticks. Even filaments are formed by some species, eg Filibacter limicola. There are spore-forming species present, eg types of Sporosarcina. Some species are movable by sliding, while others have flagella and are therefore movable. The flagellated include, for example species of the genera Jeotgalibacillus and Planomicrobium.


The types of Planococcaceae are heterotrophic. They are usually strictly aerobic, so dependent on oxygen, but some are facultative aerobic, ie they can live without oxygen. The catalase test is positive, the oxidase test is depending on the type, even within the same genus, positive or negative. Thus, for example, Caryophanon oxidase - negative, nature Planococcus columbae is oxidase -positive, other types of Planococcus are again oxidase negative. The Gram test is usually positive ( since this family is one of the Firmicutes, this is also to be expected), but the test in the genera Filibacter and Ureibacillus can also be negative.


The Planococcaceae family will be provided to the order Bacillales in the Department of Firmicutes. The following eleven genera are known:

  • Bhargavaea Manorama et al. 2009 emend. Verma et al. 2012
  • Caryophanon Peshkoff 1939
  • Chryseomicrobium Arora et al. 2011 emend. Raj et al. 2013
  • Filibacter Maiden and Jones 1985
  • Jeotgalibacillus Yoon et al. 2001 emend. Chen et al. 2010
  • Kurthia Trevisan 1885
  • Paenisporosarcina Krishnamurthi et al. 2009 emend. Reddy et al. 2013
  • Planococcus Migula 1894 ( Approved Lists 1980) emend. Yoon et al. 2010
  • Planomicrobium Yoon et al. 2001
  • Kluyver and van Niel Sporosarcina 1936 emend. Yoon et al. 2001
  • Ureibacillus Fortina et al. 2001

The earlier run in this family genus Bacillus Marini is then placed to the genus Jeotgalibacillus.