A Pluraletantum (Latin pluralistic " in the plural standing " and tantum "only" ) or plural word is a noun that is common only in the plural. The plural of Pluraletantum is in technical language Pluraliatantum; Duden also lists the form Pluraletantums.


Examples of Pluraliatantum in the German language are:

  • Holiday
  • Costs
  • People
  • Azores, tropical and some other geographical names

Special cases

Some words are indeed mainly used in the plural, regionally but also in the singular.

  • Example: for debris in Bavaria and Austria the singular strand.

A special case is the plural - people for some compositions with man - and - woman:

  • Sailor - Seafarers
  • Fellow - countrymen
  • Businessman, businesswoman - Merchants
  • Ombudsman, Ombudsman - Ombudsman

Whether it etc. is Pluraliatantum at seafarers, depends on the exact definition. So classifies sec seafarers indeed as " plural word" one (that is, there is no singular to ), the significance is, however, stated: " plural of sailor ". In grammatical point of seafarers is therefore a Pluraletantum, but not on the level of meaning.

Singular formation by composites

A corresponding to the singular facts can often be expressed by a composition in Pluraliatantum:

  • Parents - the parent ( technical terminology also: of or the parent)
  • Sibling - the sibling ( technical terminology also: the sibling )
  • The holiday - the vacation day