A Singularetantum (Latin singularis " in the singular standing " and tantum "only" ) is a noun that is common only in the singular. The plural of Singularetantum is in technical language Singulariatantum; Duden also lists the form Singularetantums. Singulariatantum are almost never used with indefinite articles and are often without the article, because they are implicitly determined.


  • Concrete nouns that denote something innumerable: Noise
  • Abstractions: the thirst, the hatred, the reason, the present
  • Substantivized Verbinfinitive: thinking, Forgive, Forget
  • Nominalized adjectives: the German, the Unforgettable
  • Many nouns ending in-heit or sensitivity: dark, health
  • Many names of substances: helium, gold
  • Organisations: Post

Plural formation by composites

The plural can be expressed in Singulariatantum using compound words, such as leaves, the foliage locations; Snow, snow.


Some words are formally Singulariatantum in the basic meaning, however, have one - often concretizing - secondary meaning, to which there is a plural. Such words are not Singulariatantum.


  • Beauty - beauty ( beautiful people )
  • Stupidity - stupidity ( stupid acts)

Some words form a plural only in a specialized language. Such words are also no Singulariatantum.

  • Dust - dust, even dust (different kinds of dust)
  • Water - water ( eg, mineral waters )
  • Milk - milks, also milks ( milks, such as cow's milk, goat's milk, mare's milk )