A podium is a platform that is used to charge a person or an object from its surroundings.


In architecture building can rest on a large podium, which is formed by a terrace or basement. In this context one also speaks of a pedestal or podium. An example from the ancient religious architecture is the Roman podium temple.

Inside smaller platforms are used to a person of one group over emphasized, such as the conductor of an orchestra or a speaker at a public speech. A one - or multi-stage increase of the soil in the interior is also called the dais and serves for example as a site for a throne or altar.

In the stair landing is called the podium. It is a platform that is inserted between two flights of stairs.


Dais with throne

Award ceremony in sport

In sports platforms have (in this context in Austria called " podium " ) is of particular importance in the presentation ceremony. So at the Olympic Games is usually a three-tier platform is used as a podium, in which the average level at the highest and the winner is reserved.

Event construction

For functions, flexible, height-adjustable pedestals are used. These individual platforms can be used as stage elements. With them different height levels can be constructed, for example, for a catwalk balanced or large seating in spectator grandstands Erber.

Are usual in the event construction scissor platforms or Steckfußpodeste. These can be flexibly assembled and disassembled. Fitted with castors, the pedestals are called Rollriser.


In public transport is spoken of platforms, if the soil in the passenger compartment in the seat rows is higher than in the aisle. Especially with today's low-floor vehicles, platforms for structural reasons can often not be avoided. In bus platforms with high-floor vehicles are also used to the luggage compartments located under the seats for luggage capacity to enlarge. An example of such a bus is the Magirus- Deutz L117P, in which the "P" indicates the platforms in the model name.


For the visibility of traffic control by traffic posts landings are expected to contribute. In order for this not act as an obstacle to unoccupied positions, they are often rolled away to.