Point Roberts, Washington

Whatcom County


Point Roberts is an unincorporated community in Whatcom County in the U.S. state of Washington. Although the settlement is community free, it has a post office with the zip code 98281; in 2000 had 1308 inhabitants with this ZIP Code related field.


Point Roberts is one of the three exclaves of the contiguous states, reachable from the rest of the United States by land only through Canada or by ship. This is due to that Point Roberts is located in the southernmost part of the Tsawwassen Peninsula, south of the 49th parallel. This latitude is - with the exception of Vancouver Iceland - the border between Canada and the United States from the Pacific Ocean to the Lake of the Woods in Minnesota and Manitoba. Inside of Point Roberts are two named villages, Maple Beach on the east coast and South Beach in the south of the peninsula, but the largest part of Point Roberts covered with scattered settlements.

Point Roberts is located approximately 35 km south of the center of Vancouver, British Columbia. It borders in British Columbia Delta, Boundary Bay is located east of Point Roberts and in the south and west lies the Strait of Georgia. The peninsula from north to south a length of about 3500 m and measures from west to east around 5000 m. The area is 12.65 km ². The highest point of Point Roberts reaches a height of 235 feet ( about 72 m) above sea level and is located southwest of the settlement Maple Beach.

Boundary layer

Point Roberts was the Oregon compromise (Oregon Treaty ) of 1846 to the exclave. The peninsula belongs geographically, but not politically, Delta, British Columbia.


The only legal access to the land is on the 56th Street that leads as a main road in north-south direction through the Canadian community Tsawwassen. South of the border as it leads to the great Tyee Drive Marina west of South Beach. West of the Marina there is a landing strip for small planes.

School children need from the fourth grade with a bus through Canada to Blaine drive (about 40 minutes ) because Point Roberts only has a Primary School ( primary school ) to give the students pass four times a day the international border.


Point Roberts is located within a valley that is formed by Vancouver Iceland, the coastal mountains north of Vancouver and the northern Cascade Range with Mount Baker. These circumstances create the conditions for a micro- climate that is one of the mildest in the Pacific Northwest. With an average annual rainfall of about 1050 mm Point Roberts has more sunny days than the surroundings.