Popular Electronics

Popular Electronics was an American computer magazine published by Ziff- Davis Publishing. The magazine was first published in October 1954 and was intended for hobbyists who wanted to address the issue of electronics. It quickly became the "World's Largest - Selling Electronics Magazine". There 240.151 copies in April 1957 and 400,000 copies in 1963 were sold monthly. The Ziff- Davis Publishing House published the magazine until April 1985. Gernsback Publications acquired the title in 1988 and named the magazine in " Hands-On Electronics " around. This version of Popular Electronics was published until December 1999.

The most well-known issue of the journal appeared in January 1975, when the Altair 8800 computer was pictured on the cover and the home computer revolution heralded. Paul Allen showed the output Bill Gates, who then wrote the BASIC interpreter for the Altair computer and the firm founded Microsoft.