Porridge (* bher of the Indo-European root [e ] for " swell, well up, boil ") is a dish made from shredded or ground, cooked in liquid grain ( groats, meal or flour ) or other ingredients of viscous to semi- solid consistency. He is the oldest and simplest preparation for cereals and up to now the world's most important. Later descendants of the pulp are the flatbread and since the invention of the oven, which consists of fermented porridge leavened bread and beer.

When the porridge was invented, is uncertain. There are finds from the Palaeolithic of roasted wild cereals, milling stones and mortar -like stone vessels and allowing at least a presumption that the raw inedible corn was then crushed and boiled, which heated before the invention of pottery probably in animal stomachs, leather bags, baskets or clay pits with stones happened. Known for certain was the porridge in the Neolithic period to the beginning of agriculture 10,000 years ago at least.

In Europe, porridge was until the end of the 18th century staple food of most of the population - all those who did not have an oven, enough fuel and access to a grain mill, the conditions for the production of more complex bread. He was replaced then largely through the potato and also by bread, generally available was by bakeries that were no longer any reason Lord. Today distributed paps are like the English porridge, the Italian polenta and different, mostly sweet preparations such as cream of wheat as a dessert or children and health food.

In poorer regions of the world porridge has remained the staple food today, especially in Africa (see Fufu and Nshima or ugali ).

Kinds of porridge

The physics could mash using the Teilstückchengröße differ ( ie whether flour, meal or groats ), also if water or milk is used as a liquid. Culinary, one could distinguish roughly between sweet and unsweetened or even salted food and of course you can reference the cereals used differ. This results in a tremendous variety of possibilities of which have been most implemented sooner or later at any place on earth.

  • Wheat porridge semolina
  • Wheat flakes for cereal
  • Mămăligă
  • Polenta
  • Muesli
  • Havregrøt
  • Oat Porridge / Oatmeal
  • Hummus
  • Risotto