Port Blair


Port Blair is the largest town on the Andaman Islands and the capital of the Indian union territory of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It is located on the east coast of South Andaman Iceland with an important ferry and marina. Port Blair has around 100,000 inhabitants ( 2011 census ).

Port Blair is divided into the following districts: Aberdeen, Austinabad, Buniyadabad, Dudhline, Haddo, Junglighat, Lamba Line, Minnie Bay, Nayagaon, Pahargaon, Phoenix Bay, Shadipur and South Point.

The place was named after Archibald Blair of the British East India Company, which in the area of Port Blair later a colony named Port Cornwallis founded, named after the then Governor-General of the British East India Company, Lord Cornwallis in 1789. In December 1790, the town was laid and in 1796 the colony was abandoned, mainly because of there rampant malaria.

Today's Port Blair was established in 1858 by the British. From 1862 to 1864 Robert Christopher Tytler managed as superintendent Port Blair.

1943-1945 also a few soldiers of the Indian National Army and a Chief Commissioner of the Provisional Government of India Azad Hind (Free India) were stationed under Subhash Chandra Bose in Port Blair.

Next to the port is also the Vir Savarkar Airport and a large base of Indian Coast Guard.

The earthquake in the Indian Ocean in 2004 also taught at moderate damage.

One of the few attractions that until 1906, built by the 1890s, Cellular Jail, where you can also watch a film showing the tribes of the Andaman Islands except memories of former prisoners.

Cellular Jail

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