Portuguese House of Burgundy

The House of Burgundy was the first Portuguese royal family and reigned from 1093 to 1383 across the country.

Since most of the kings of the House of Burgundy the name Alfonso contributed (Portuguese Afonso ), it is also known as House Afonsin. The Burgundian kings of Portugal are descended from the elder line of the Dukes of Burgundy, which in turn sprung a younger branch of the French royal house of Capet. First ruler from the House of Burgundy was Henry of Burgundy, who was by marriage in 1093, the County of Portugal. His son, Alfonso I took 1139 to the title of King of Portugal. Highlight the power of the Burgundian kings in Portugal was the reign of King Dionysius 1279-1325. 1383 died with King Ferdinand I of the last Burgundian rulers without a male heir. The House of Burgundy was replaced in Portugal of the House Avis, which descended in consensual line of the Burgundian kings.