Pro hac vice

The Latin expression per hac vice means " for this ( a ) time of exception ".

U.S. law

In the U.S. law, this designation is usually used for an attorney, the special permission has been granted for participation in a particular process, even though he has no ( general ) license to practice law for the court before which the process takes place. To see before about the rules of procedure for the Supreme Court that American but also foreign lawyers may be permitted under certain conditions per hac vice.

In maritime law a vessel lessee ( charterer ) is the ship owner assimilated as owner pro hac vice, as long as the full responsibility for the ship - takes over and the ship owner transfers his unrestricted power of disposal - including crew and cargo.

Roman and canon law

In the Roman and canon law, the term denotes an individual scheme except character. In Annuario Pontifical, the Executive Board of the Roman Catholic Church, for instance, the case that a Titularbischofssitz is charged only for the duration of the term of office of the current holder to the rank of Titularerzbischofssitzes with the expression.

In some rare cases, there is also the reverse constellation, namely that a Titularerzbischofssitz is exceptionally awarded as an Titularbischofssitz. This practice gained in recent decades increasingly important when it comes to giving traditional Titularerzbischofssitze with some very important names (eg Ephesus, Miletus, etc.), in partibus infidelium ( " in the territories of the infidels " ) and are to be found in their parishes nowadays hardly Catholic or even Christian believers (especially in Asia Minor, the Middle East or North Africa). In order not to offend the tradition to the same seats also represented Eastern churches, it appeared from an ecumenical consideration always come more often, not to provide these " prominent " seats too with senior titles.

In addition, the expression also occurs in appearance when cardinals who were taken as cardinal deacons in the College of Cardinals, ten years after the design stage to the Cardinal take claim the right to be included in the ranking class of cardinal priests, and their run as a Roman Diakonia Title church does not want to switch: You can then pro hac vice ( " for this one time ") can be made ​​a cardinal priest of this titular church, but continues to exist as a diakonia and will again regularly occupied " next time " with a cardinal deacon.