Protected area with sustainable use of natural resources

A Managed Resource Protected Area (english Managed Resource Protected Area) is a sanctuary in which biological diversity should be preserved and protected in the long term, to get them used to humans. The IUCN defines such areas under Category VI: Ressourcenschutzebiet with management.

IUCN definition

According to IUCN is a Managed Resource Protected Area:

"Category VI protected areas conserve ecosystems and habitats together with associated cultural values ​​and traditional natural resource management systems. They are gene rally large, with most of the area in a natural condition, where a proportion is under sustainable natural resource management and where low-level non- industrial use of natural resources compatible with nature conservation is seen as one of the main AIMS of the area ".

" An area that contains unmodified natural systems in the first place and that will be managed to ensure long term protection and conservation of biological diversity, while providing a more environmentally friendly power is available in natural products and services to satisfy the needs of the population. "

As with all IUCN categories, the focus of classification is on the design of protection objective and management ( measures of interventions and prohibitions ).

Application and review

By some ecologists criticize the fact that the claim of these areas in reality is hardly feasible because nature almost never do without restriction of human activities and vice versa represent commercial activities of the population almost always an intervention in ecosystems. The protection category however, goes beyond classical nature ( wilderness thought) far beyond, and is closely related to the modern biosphere thoughts, ie areas where resource conservation nature stands as a habitat of man, together with the " remaining " in the foreground ( ecosystem services ).

In fact, fall into this class expulsions as drinking water protection area or alternative source protection area, avalanche protection forest ( forest reserve ), or marine spawning sanctuaries in fishing grounds in which the functioning of the natural ecosystem forms the basis of its use as a resource, the natural purification of the water in the former two, a healthy, robust forest structure, which shall include a protection against overfishing in the latter. Even urban green belt for the air pollution control as well as in desertifikationsgefährdeten areas to protect against desertification / devastation, or field boundaries in endangered by wind erosion of arable land used primarily for the protection of the people and its economy, with ( classical ) nature than of intentional synergy effect.