Pueblo (disambiguation)

The word refers to Pueblo

  • The intelligence ship USS Pueblo ( AGER -2), which was captured in January 1968 by the North Korean navy
  • The Spanish word for village and also for people
  • The Pueblo Indian culture and their characteristic Pueblo ( village )
  • A village from the video game Resident Evil 4 Resident Evil series
  • A board game by Michael Kiesling and Wolfgang Kramer, see Pueblo ( game )
  • A tobacco and cigarette trademark of Pöschl Tabak

Places in the United States:

  • Pueblo (Colorado)
  • Pueblo (Indiana)
  • Pueblo (Kentucky)
  • Pueblo Gardens (Arizona )
  • Pueblo of Sandia Village (New Mexico)
  • Pueblo Pintado (New Mexico)
  • Pueblo West ( Colorado)

See also:

  • Arroyo Pueblo Alto, a river in the U.S. state of New Mexico
  • Pueblo Nuevo
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