Puerto Pailas

Puerto Pailas is a country town in the department of Santa Cruz in the lowlands of the South American Andean Republic of Bolivia.

Location in near space

Puerto Pailas is the central place of the Canton of Puerto Pailas district ( bolivian: municipality ) in the province of Andrés Ibáñez Cotoca. The city lies at an altitude of 297 m on the right bank of the Río Grande, one of the longest rivers in the Bolivian lowlands, which at this point has a width of 1200 m and is spanned by a road bridge.


Puerto Pailas is located in the Bolivian lowlands between the alluvial plains of the Rio Pirai and the Río Grande and the eastern Chiquitos hills countries. The climate is subhumid, temperatures fluctuate throughout the day and during the year only marginally.

The average annual temperature is 24 to 25 ° C, with average monthly temperatures ranging from 27 ° C in December and January and 21 ° C in June and July (see climate chart ). The annual rainfall is around 950 mm, the dry season from July to September, where a pronounced moisture from November to February from where the monthly values ​​reach up to 140 mm.

Traffic network

Puerto Pailas lies at a distance of 47 kilometers of road southwest of the capital of the department of Santa Cruz between cities Cotoca and Pailón.

From Santa Cruz from the paved highway Ruta 9 4/Ruta leads eastwards across Cotoca to Puerto Pailas, crossed the Rio Grande and divides 14 km later in Pailón. From here, the Ruta 4 about 587 km to Puerto Suárez on the Brazilian border, the Ruta 9 leads 1175 km north to Guayaramerin.


The population of the town has risen in the past two decades to nearly double:

Due to the historically grown influx of migrants, the region has a certain amount of Quechua population in the municipality of Cotoca 17.8 percent of the population speak the Quechua language.