Putao is the northernmost city of Myanmar, located in Kachin State, about 350 km north of the capital Myitkyina. It has 60 000 inhabitants. The ethnic diversity includes ethnic groups of the Ra Wan, Lisu, Tai Hkamti, Jingh - paw, Chinese, Lahu, Kayin, Indians and Rakhin. Putao is only accessible during the summer months on the road. The road link to Myitkyina is very vulnerable because of heavy rains and associated landslides. The city is surrounded by snow -capped mountains and known for endemic birds and rare flora. The airfield in Putao ( IATA code: PBU, ICAO code: VYPT ) is sometimes used by tourist groups and served irregularly from Myitkyina.


During the Second World War, the location in Putao on a hill Fort Hertz, a fortified military position of the British was supplied almost two years by the Allies of Northeast India through the air and could by the Imperial Japanese Army, which controlled Burma are not taken. The name of Fort Hertz goes back to William Axel Hertz, Companion of the Order of the Star of India, in 1888 the first British expedition to the north of Burma and led the Deputy Commissioner in the district Putao was later. During the British colonial Burma was administered by the British as part of India from Delhi - comparable to an Indian state like Bihar or Bengal. The fort was established in 1914 as Fort Putao and named only in 1925 on the occasion of the retirement of Hertz from the Indian Civil Service after him.