Q Lazzarus

Q Lazzarus (born 1954 ) is an American singer who became known by that used in various soundtracks song Goodbye Horses.


Before she performed as a singer, Q Lazzarus worked as a taxi driver in New York City.

Her most famous title Goodbye Horses was first used in 1988 in the soundtrack of Jonathan Demme comedy Married to the Mob. Three years later, the piece Demme again in his next film The Silence of the Lambs one. The song was used as background music for a famous scene in which a played by Ted Levine serial killer danced in front of a mirror. Due to the success of the film, the piece was known, and it was followed by a publication as a single on the record label All Nations Records with the piece White Lines on the B-side.

In Demme's 1993 erschienenem and multiple Oscar - award-winning drama Philadelphia Q Lazzarus appeared in a small supporting role as a singer.

Goodbye Horses was later among other things, in Clerks II, Grand Theft Auto IV soundtrack, the video game Skate 3, and the television series Family Guy and Nip / Tuck - used its price has beauty.

1996 coverte the Canadian electro-pop band Psyche the piece and published it on their album Strange Romance.

The 2011 released EP The Hunter by Kele Okereke contained a cover version of Goodbye Horses.