Q1 (building)

The Queensland Number One Tower (short Q1 Tower ) was opened with a total height of 323 meters on 26 October 2005 in Gold Coast, Australia. He is also one of the tallest residential skyscraper in the world. Its name is a tribute to the same Olympic rowing team in Australia in the 1920s.

Building details

The 78 floors comprehensive Tower located in the district of Surfers Paradise Gold Coast City and is the tallest skyscraper in the Southern Hemisphere. In Q1 Tower exclusively exclusive apartments are located on a total area of ​​209 100 m². The ten lifts of KONE are 9 m / s, the fastest Australia. Incidentally also lead 1,330 steps to the top of the building.

In Australia, only the guyed mast of the Qmega Base (Sale, VIC ) and the Tower Zero ( Exmouth, WA) higher buildings. Since the first skyscraper in the Gold Coast by 1957, the Q1 Tower is the sixteenth building, which may carry the title of " tallest building in Australia ."

The executive architects Atelier SDG could be formally inspired by the torch of the Olympic Games in Sydney. The entire structure is anchored by 22 concrete piers, each with two meters in diameter, 45 meters deep in the ground. Thus, the high-rise varies by no more than 60 centimeters, which is not to be noticing in the apartments.


The 526 apartments in the building could be purchased from $ 985,000 and they include the highest outdoor balconies of the world. The apartments depending on the size about one to three bedrooms, the base is at least 84 m². In the 74th floor is with a purchase price of $ 12 million the most expensive penthouse in Queensland. On a floor space of 900 m² in 217 m altitude there is next to a 360 ° view on the second highest hotel a swimming pool (15 m × 6 m) within a building. In addition, the penthouse has the highest outdoor balcony Australia, but which is protected because of the wind and the height by sliding window.


In the 77th and 78th floor is the observation deck QDeck Skylight Room for up to 400 people, of which a view is offered to the entire Gold Coast and sometimes up to Brisbane to the north and Byron Bay to the south. Also there in altitude of 230 m there is a café and a lounge bar Another view point is located at 180 meters above sea level outdoor terrace. Furthermore, a total of 30 meters high, tropical "mini- rainforest " was created as a Sky Garden on the 60th to the 70th floor.

The oval- shaped bent, stainless steel point is 97.7 meters, one of the longest in the world and has a diameter from 1.8 to 8 meters. The heavy inside accessible and total 87.2 tonnes tip was lifted from June to July 2005 twelve items with a weight of approximately eight tons up and mounted. Since 18 July 2005, it projects from the 76th floor, addition ie from a height of 225 m to 47 m above the actual roof. Since it is lit, it can already be seen at night from 200 km away.

The facade of the Q1 Tower consists of 9463 elements that enclose a space of 32,685 square meters and have a weight of 1,303 tons of glass and aluminum.

At the foot of the tower there is a recreation area with gardens, pool and ballrooms. There is also a spa area, a theater, restaurants and a fitness center.