The acronym QR stands for:

  • Qatar Airways, as the airline's IATA code
  • Quadratic reciprocity
  • Quake Rally
  • Qualitative reasoning
  • Queensland Rail, Australian Railway Company
  • Queen's Rangers
  • Quick release
  • Quick Response, a two-dimensional code, see QR Code
  • Quiet Riot, hard rock band from California, USA
  • QR decomposition and QR algorithm
  • QR measure value for the slope of the wheel flanges of railway wheels
  • Quarter, a colloquial term for the U.S. quarter dollar coin; see U.S. dollars
  • Quarter, various Anglo-American units
  • Qatari riyal ( Qatar Riyal ), the currency of the Gulf State of Qatar
  • Nippon Cultural Broadcasting, Inc., a radio station in Tokyo, Japan - JOQR
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