QRP operation

With QRP transmitting is called low power amateur radio. The term comes from the acronym for "Reduce the transmit power ." From the Q key

Radio Sport

The radio sporting challenge at QRP operation lies in the fact with the smallest transmission power to bridge large distances possible. By definition, the transmitter output power must not exceed 5 watts at 10 watts CW and SSB. This is of particular importance due to the power constraint of the type of antenna and the location.

Records are often achieved by exploiting specific ionospheric conditions. So 2001 saw a QRP connection in CW and SSB ( 5 watts each ) in 20 - m band over 22,593 km between Greece ( SV1UY ) and New Zealand ( ZL1BK ) existence (which is roughly the performance of a car tail light ). The radio waves were several times within the - stable on the night side of the Earth - F- layer in the ionosphere reflects (so-called chordal hop ). The connection was accordingly not materialize on the direct, but on the indirect, " long " way.

All wireless devices that are equipped with an adjustable transmit output power and are able to reduce the output power to the above level, are able to make QRP operation. Also, the industry produces devices which can be used for QRP, as they do not exceed or achieve the required power output during operation. Some of these devices, such as the Yaesu FT -817 are equipped with accumulators or batteries to operate radio operation on the road.


An advantage of radio operation with low transmit power, however, is to simplify the self- construction of radio equipment, which is reflected both in a rich supply of kits from different companies all over the world as well as in rich literature (magazines and books ) on the subject with DIY suggestions. These kits are set up due to the lower voltages and currents without great risk to health and a moderate cost, but require especially acquired in the amateur radio license exam profound understanding of electronics in general and high-frequency technology in particular as well as technical skills in the construction of electronic devices.


A very well for simple devices suitable with low-power mode is Morse code.