Queen to Play

  • Sandrine Bonnaire: Hélène
  • Kevin Kline: Dr. Kröger
  • Francis Renaud: In
  • Valérie Lagrange: Maria
  • Alexandra Gentil: Lisa
  • Alice Pol Natalia
  • Elisabeth Vitali: Marie -Jeanne
  • Jennifer Beals: The American
  • Dominic Gould: The American

Queen to Play ( original French title: Joueuse, such as: player ) is the debut film of posts originating from Germany film director Caroline Bottaro from 2009 is based on the novel La Joueuse d' échecs by Bertina Henrichs and describes the emancipation of a simple woman who at last. a piece of self- acquired. While the novel plays on a Greek island, the director moved the plot of the film on the French island of Corsica. In France, the film was released on August 5, 2009 in the cinemas in Germany, he ran for the first time in October 2009 at a film festival in Tübingen and on 10 November 2009 at the 23rd International Film Festival Braunschweig. The official release date was January 7, 2010. Filming took place near Bastia.


Hélène lives in a small Corsican village and works as a maid in a hotel. One day, while cleaning a hotel room an attractive American couple playing chess just. Hélène's life changed abruptly thereafter. Fascinated by the game of chess, she begins to learn the rules to perfection. In the quirky Dr. Kröger she finds a mentor and friend. However, with their enthusiasm for the game soon she risks her marriage, her reputation and ultimately their whole life. Your mentor can convince them to participate in a chess tournament for amateurs. The win and the associated ceremony by her employer she soon enjoying her success and finally finds the recognition of which she has always dreamed of.


In the ( German synchronization of the ) scene just before the end of Hélène plays with Dr. Kroger blindfold chess, Kroger leads the impossible train " runner j4 " (the algebraic chess notation knows only the letters a to h ). In the original French version Kroger leads the train " runner g4 " through, but this was mistranslated, because listen in French " g" and " j" are very similar.


" A quiet, touching drama about emancipation, transformation and social advancement of a woman who breaks out of her routine, self-confidence and enjoyment of life and takes its own in a (albeit woodcut way outlined ) male domain. In the title role played complex and believable. "

"This overuse of chess as an allegory for anything and everything and frustrating incomprehensible attraction that it exerts on Hélène, create a compulsive, highly constructed film acting form. Sandrine Bonnaire can do a mourn, for they endeavor in good faith to obtain Hélène through the cracks of narration on the life and psychology in many lonely moments before the black and white board transparent. "