QWOP is a ragdoll online game by Bennett Foddy. As a player, you play the athlete " QWOP ", takes part in a 100 - meter race at the Olympic Games. The figure can be moved only with the Q, W, O and P keys. With the key legs of the figure are controlled. After 50 meters, the player must overcome a hurdle. After the 100 meters, the player can complete a long jump.

Since its release in November 2008, the game is known for its high level of difficulty. Beginning of December 2010 the game reached a higher prominence after blogger Ray William Johnson had treated a YouTube video that commented on the game. Since then the game has become an Internet phenomenon. Despite the criticism of the complicated keyboard controls Foddys reached home, according to information provided by the Wired magazine over 30 million views.

The game was exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City on 27 July 2011 and was part of an event called Arcade, which was led by Kill Screen, a company for video game art. After the success of the game Foddy developed another game called " GIRP ", which was released in 2011 on his website.

An iPhone app was also released during this time. The app pursues the same gameplay as the original version, only the control differs. The player controls the character by moving the thumb around the diamonds on the screen. On July 3, 2013, he also finally a version for Android.