Ready for Boarding


Ready for boarding is the first live album by the German heavy metal band Running Wild.


Running Wild had in 1987 the album " Under Jolly Roger " was published, which was sold despite mediocre to poor reviews in good numbers. After a first tour in April 1987 the band therefore made in the autumn of a second, on which Running Wild together with the British band Satan played concerts in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the then Soviet bloc belonging to Hungary. In the meantime, the band had reshuffled, and the rhythm section Stephan Boris's / Wolfgang " Hasche " Hagemann was replaced by the duo Jens Becker / Stefan Schwarzmann.

The live album was recorded on 9 and 10 November 1987 in Munich, when the band played there on two consecutive evenings. From the name of the tour, "Ready for Boarding ", also the name of the album comes from. In the context of the then " pirate" Images of the band, the title can be translated with " Ready to capers ."

On the album's songs of the first three albums " Gates to Purgatory", " Branded and Exiled " and " Under Jolly Roger " are included. Was also played the song " Purgatory", which is found on any studio release of the band, but even years later belonged to the solid live entertainment. In the announcement to the song singer and rhythm guitarist Rock ' n' Rolf Rolf Kasparek alias dedicates the song of the Parents Music Resource Center ( PMRC ), the control measures against perceived as offensive media made ​​at that time in the U.S. headlines. Also no studio track is the one with " The Hymn of Long John Silver" titled intro.

The album was released on 22 February 1988 on Noise Records on CD and LP.

First published in 2002 with "Live" another live album, but in 1990 a recording of the tour to " Death or Glory " was released on video.

Title list

Origin of the songs:

  • " Gates to Purgatory" (1984 ): " Genghis Khan ", " Diabolic Force ", " Adrian (SOS) ", "Prisoner of our Time "
  • " Branded and Exiled " (1985): " Mordor "
  • " Under Jolly Roger " (1987): " Under Jolly Roger ", " Raise Your Fist", "Raw Ride"

Criticism and reception

Immediately after the release was "Ready for Boarding " good reviews. After perceived as disappointing " Under Jolly Roger " LP Although critics were skeptical, but eg Wolfgang Schäfer expressed surprise at the Rock Hard. He praised the sound quality in his review and looked in "Purgatory " evidence of an improvement in the situation:

" Interestingly, the song selection, which constitutes a representative cross -section of all previously published works and is thus quite impossible to do what is not always the case with live LPs. With "Purgatory " a track is even represented, which was previously unpublished. All of then also justifies a [ score of ] 8.5, I also forgive in the hope that all Running Wild opponents [ ... ] something of the wind is taken out of the sails. "

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