Reba (TV series)

Reba is an American sitcom with the country singer Reba McEntire in the title role, which was produced and broadcast from 2001 to 2006 from the channel The WB. After the television networks, The WB and UPN merged in the summer of 2006, the sitcom has been renewed for a season and continued until 2007 at the newly established Network The CW. Due to low ratings and rising costs, the sitcom was eventually discontinued. In Germany it was aired on RTL in Austria on ORF.


The quick-witted Reba Hart is leaving after 20 years of marriage from her husband Brock because of recent dental hygienist Barbara Jean. But instead of falling into self-pity, the mother of three children, the sleeves roll up and makes the most of their situation.


  • Reba Nell Hart is a hyperactive, quick-witted housewife and mother of the children Cheyenne, Kyra and Jake. A strong rivalry she cherishes against her ex-husband Brock and his new wife Barbara Jean. This underlines again and again by cynical and biting commentary.
  • Brock Hart is the father of four children: Cheyenne, Kyra and Jake Reba and Barbara Jean Henry of. He fell in love with the much younger Barbara Jean and cheated on her with his wife. After the divorce, he married her immediately and they had son Henry. He likes to play golf and others often bored with stories about this sport.
  • Cheyenne Hart Montgomery is the daughter of Reba and Brock. She lives with her husband and her daughter Elizabeth Van at home with her mother. Towards the end of Season 4 we learn from Cheyenne alcoholism, whereupon Reba forces them to go to meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous.
  • Barbara Jean Hart is the new, younger woman in the life of Father Brock Hart. She seems a little crazy, but it is absolutely loyal to the entire family hard. More so, it is probably the biggest admirer of mother Reba Nell Hart, which all too often leads to comical situations.


Jon Paul DeFabry (2005-2006)

Lila Braff (2005-2006)

In addition, published during the course of the program a few guest stars, including Kelly Clarkson, with the main actress Reba McEntire their song Because of you newly set to music later in a Country version.