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Christopher Rich ( née: Christopher Rich Wilson, born September 16, 1953 in Dallas, Texas) is an American actor who became known in the German-speaking world for his role as Brock Hart in the U.S. television series Reba.


Christopher Rich, who often by his nickname Chris Rich on the credits of movies and series, in which he has appeared, appears, visited in his youth a high school in the Rio Grande Valley area in south Texas. There he was brought by a teacher of acting and attended after high school time, the University of Texas, from which he joined only briefly at Cornell University Ithaca, NY and his thereat graduated with a Masters degree in Theatre Studies graduating.

On Broadway, he gained the play The Bacchae, where he took over the role of Dionysus, first acting experience. In addition, Rich was also seen in several regional theater productions and signed up in 1981 for an audition with the producers of the television series Another World, where he ultimately was able to convince and was accepted into the team. In the long-lived series, he came in 1981 to four appearances, where he played the character of Alexander " Sandy" Cory and was also in 1999 in the 8891sten and final episode of the series produced from 1964 to 1999 to see.

Shortly thereafter, he moved to Los Angeles to the West Coast of the United States, where he came to a series of performances, especially in series like The Charmings, Murphy Brown, and The George Carlin Show. Incidentally, Chris Rich, however, was also seen in other productions, where he often played along but only in one or two episodes. His first film appearance came Rich in 1983 in the film The First Time, where, however, he came only to a very small role. Among the major roles he came in movies such as New York Odyssey ( 1989, together with Amanda Plummer), Flight of the Intruder (1990 ) or The Joy Luck Club (1993).

Furthermore, came Christopher Rich in numerous television series for short appearances. Among the best known include Baywatch ( 1989, 1 episode), The Nanny ( 1995, 1 episode), Nash Bridges (1996-1998; 3 episodes), Susan (1998; 2 episodes), Sabrina - totally bewitched! ( 1999, 1 episode), ER - Emergency Room (2000, 1 episode), Boston Legal (2005-2008; 6 episodes), Desperate Housewives ( 2009-2010; 2 episodes), CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and Melissa & Joey, where he also came in 2009 in a sequence to a cameo appearance.

In the movie The best players far and wide - His highest bet he met in 1991 for the first time on his acting colleague Reba McEntire, with whom he as Reba's ex-husband Brock Hart occurred from 2001 to 2007 in the U.S. hit series Reba, while with 116 gigs played one of the lead roles. Solely Reba McEntire and Joanna Garcia, the daughter of Reba and Brock mimics in the series, came with 125 performances to more performances. In the series Reba he was active in addition to his acting work even in six episodes as a director.

Family / Private

From 1982 to 1996, Christopher Rich with Nancy Frangione, also an actress married. Together, the two daughter, Mariel Rich have (* 1991/92 ). Soon after, he met his current wife, Eva Halina, , with whom he currently lives in Los Angeles. With the native Pole who emigrated to the United States in 1990, he has twin daughters Lily and Daisy Hannah Grace, born on 30 April 2004. Eva Havlina who participated in 1980 at the Summer Olympics in Moscow and had to quit her career as a gymnast after a serious knee injury, then was briefly as a trapeze artist with the circus Julínek away in Eastern Europe and then began a career as a model. In 1985, she was finally crowned the Miss Poland. After she emigrated in 1990 to the United States, she came from the mid- 1990s, also some short appearances on television.

His hobbies include collecting fine wines, the sport of golf as well as collecting and reading books.

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