The Nanny

The Nanny ( Original title: The Nanny ) is an American sitcom that was produced from 1993 to 1999 by CBS and broadcast in more than hundred countries.

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The bridal wear shop assistant Francine " Fran" Joy Fine from Flushing, Queens, losing both home and job, as her boss Langzeitverlobter and Danny Imperiali cheating with her high school rival Heather Biblow and finally puts out the door. When she stumbles shortly thereafter as the seller of makeup by chance in a job interview for the position of a nanny (English nanny ), Fran takes her chance and advertises itself as such in the house of widowed Broadway producer Maxwell Sheffield. Although this initially hardly deal with the relaxed lifestyle of his new employee knows and Fran constantly offend in the fine New York society, she succeeds in the course of time, both the three children Maggie, Brighton and Gracie and Mr. Sheffield of their qualities, skills to convince and charm and after five years to marry Sheffield finally, where this does not happen naturally without any problems.

An ally in the home is Francisco Sheffield especially in Niles, the most curious and sharp-tongued butler of the family. Here, they share one thing: deep dislike of Maxwell's longtime business partner Chastity Claire 'C. C. " Babcock, an equally arrogant like ruthless heiress, the Niles initially not more than sarcasm has left and Fran only sees another rival in the fight for a place in Maxwells page.

More or less welcome guests in the house of Sheffield are sometimes Frans esssüchtige mother Sylvia, her living in a nursing home senile grandmother Yetta and Frans naive friend since childhood, Valerie " Val " Toriello.


Main Characters

Fran Fine

Maxwell Sheffield

Margaret Sheffield

Brighton Sheffield

Grace Sheffield


C. C. Babcock

Supporting Characters

Valerie Toriello

Sylvia Fine

Yetta Rosenberg

Morty Fine

Instrumentation and synchronization

Guest appearances


  • Pamela Anderson - Heather Biblow, Danny's wife
  • Bess Armstrong - Sara Sheffield, Maxwell's late wife
  • Dan Aykroyd - Refrigerator fitter
  • Scott Baio - Dr. Frankie Cresitelli
  • Roseanne Barr - Sheila, Frans cousin
  • Milton Berle - Manny, Frans uncle
  • Corbin Bernsen - Glen Mitchell
  • Eric Braeden - Frank Bradley
  • Ray Charles - Sammy, Yettas later fiancé
  • Joan Collins - Joan Sheffield, Maxwell's stepmother
  • Maria Conchita Alonso - Concepcion, Maxwell's half-sister
  • Coolio - Irwin, Sammy's nephew
  • Robert Culp - C. C.s father
  • Tyne Daly - Mona
  • Lesley- Anne Down - Chloe Simpson
  • Nancy Frangione - Marsha, Frans cousin
  • Spalding Gray - Dr. Jack Miller, a psychiatrist
  • Marvin Hamlisch - Frans former music teacher
  • Lainie Kazan - Freida Fine, Frans aunt
  • Philip Casnoff - Gerry Kantor
  • Steve Lawrence - Morty Fine, Frans father
  • Cloris Leachman - Klara Müller, Maxwell's former Nanny
  • Rich Little - IRS agent
  • Lorna Luft - Susan, Frans cousin
  • James Marsden - Eddie, Maggie admirer
  • Dakin Matthews - Dean Sterrett
  • Donald O'Connor - Fred Fine, Freidas man
  • Jonathan Penner - Danny Imperiali, Frans ex- fiance
  • Ellen Ratner - Nadine Fine, Frans sister
  • Ray Romano - Ray Barone
  • Jon Stewart - Bobby
  • Liz Torres - Mother of Concepcion
  • Twiggy - Jocelyn Sheffield # 1
  • Joan Van Ark - Margo Lange
  • Robert Vaughn - James Sheffield, Maxwell's father
  • Sophie Ward - Jocelyn Sheffield # 2
  • Harry Van Gorcum - Nigel Sheffield, Maxwell's brother
  • Mortimer Drescher - Stanley Rosenberg, Frans uncle
  • Ron Melendez - Peter
  • Loren Michaels - Barbra Streisand
  • Jason Alexander - Jack, blind man (IV, 76)


( Themselves )


The series is characterized by a series of successful running gags, which - depending on character or pairing ( mostly Fran and Maxwell, Niles and C. C. or even Maggie and Brighton ) - also served as a satirical templates for other characters in the show. These include:

  • Frans reports on their eccentric relatives
  • Your shrill voice ( much more extreme than in German in the original English )
  • Their inability to admit her real age, and her exceptional talent, just that to cover up
  • Their unusually colorful clothes
  • Your fondness for Barbra Streisand
  • Your unbridled urge to meddle in everything
  • Your exclamation " Oh my God! " When they surprised others in embarrassing situations
  • Your Yiddish exclamation " Oy! " When its something terrible is clear
  • Your appeal " Oh Mr. Sheffiiiield! ", Combined with Sheffield wutentbranntem "Ms. Fiiine! "
  • Your answers for every famous guest star: "I'm absolutely her biggest fan! "
  • The chase, attaches to the Mr. Sheffield at the end of many scenes by he runs with the fleeing Francisco from the image
  • Mr. Sheffield's rivalry with Andrew Lloyd Webber and the musical Cats, which had rejected Sheffield
  • Gracie's psychological analysis of different situations and their enthusiasm for The Scream by Edvard Munch
  • Niles ' and Miss Babcock's punch exchanges, which often have low social status of the butler and the age and the celibacy of Miss Babcock about, even when the two are already engaged
  • Niles ' self-pity and its low content
  • The curiosity of Niles and his inability to keep secrets to themselves
  • Miss Babcock's lack of understanding of empathy and their inability to remember the names of the children
  • The dog Chester, the abysmally hates his mistress Miss Babcock and Fran loves idolatrous
  • Sylvia's penchant for spontaneous and frequent visits to Sheffield's Villa and the food there gereichte
  • Sylvia's attempts at dieting
  • Yettas senility
  • Yettas love life, which is that of her granddaughter in the shade; later even their engagement in old age with Sammy ( Ray Charles)
  • Vals naivety and stupidity
  • From Frans Father - Mortimer Fine - up to the last season never to see the face, but only his back or his toupee
  • Frans habit of rubbing against their teeth to remove traces of lipstick.

In addition, there is a particular feature of the humor in this series that often any statements of the figures are the same or immediately refuted it by an action. This includes statements of the figures on their view, negative character of other people, themselves, however, exactly fit this description, or Frans description of their dream man that applies to Maxwell, without her notice.



Rose d'Or

  • FRAPA Scripted Format - Sony Pictures Television International ( 2006)

Young Artist Awards

Emmy Awards

  • Outstanding Individual Achievement in Costuming for a Series - Brenda Cooper ( 1995)


Golden Globe Awards

  • Best Performance by an Actress in a TV -Series - Comedy / Musical - Fran Drescher (1996 )
  • Best Performance by an Actress in a TV -Series - Comedy / Musical - Fran Drescher (1997)

Emmy Awards

  • Outstanding Individual Achievement in Hairstyling for a Series - Dugg Kirkpatrick (1995 )
  • Outstanding Individual Achievement in Directing for a Comedy Series - Lee Shallat Chemel (1995 )
  • Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series - Renee Taylor ( 1996)
  • Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series - Fran Drescher (1996 )
  • Outstanding Individual Achievement in Costuming for a Series - Brenda Cooper ( 1996)
  • Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series - Fran Drescher (1997)
  • Outstanding Individual Achievement in Costuming for a Series - Brenda Cooper ( 1997)
  • Outstanding Individual Achievement in Costuming for a Series - Shawn Holly Cookson & Terry Gordon ( 1997)
  • Outstanding Lighting Direction (Electronic ) for a Comedy Series - Jimmy E. Jensen ( 1998)
  • Outstanding Costuming for a Series - Shawn Holly Cookson & Terry Gordon ( 1998)
  • Outstanding Costuming for a Series - Shawn Holly Cookson & Terry Gordon ( 1999)


Despite broadcasting of the original series in more than ninety countries since 2001 (starting with the Turkish production Dadi ) different " local" versions of the series re - produced, in particular a plurality of independent variants for the South American and Eastern European region. The programs are based verbatim and content strongly to the original screenplays, and in most cases fundamental differences in favor of cultural and country-specific adjustment to be made.

  • Argentina - La Niñera (since 2004)
  • Chile - La Nany (since 2005)
  • Ecuador - La Niñera
  • Greece - Η Νταντά (2003-2005)
  • Indonesia - Neny (in production)
  • Mexico - La Niñera
  • Poland - Niania (since 2005)
  • Russia - Моя Прекрасная Няня (since 2004)
  • Turkey - Dadi (2000-2009)


  • The idea for the series developed Drescher after a cruise with the family of her British friend Twiggy.
  • Drescher as Fran Fine Styling was by her appearance in Weird Al Yankovic's movie UHF - inspired stations with limited hope in which they had played a radio presenter outer four years earlier.
  • In addition to her portrayal of Fran Fine Drescher graduated from throughout the series further appearances, including the role of Bobbi Flekman ( a character from her film This is Spinal Tap 1984 ) and a cameo appearance as herself
  • Lauren Lane ( C. C. ) and Rachel Chagall (Val) were both written during the filming of the sixth and final season on the basis of their pregnancies temporarily from the scripts.
  • In order to achieve greater interest by the public, The Nanny ( rather La Tata ) in Italy has been completely rewritten before they air. So Fran is even the name " Francesca Cacace " while their roots do not come from the Jewish, but the Italian province.
  • Frans father Morty was never seen in the first five seasons of the series from the beginning. The audience saw him now and then from behind, and partly held his toupees ago as a placeholder, when it was used in a scene. Only in the sixth and final season took Morty "right" in the series and was played by Steve Lawrence.
  • Fran Drescher's real parents are called Morty and Sylvia. Her father Morty had to see a few guest appearances as Frans Uncle Stanley Rosenberg, also were both in a final scene, the way they talk on TV about restaurants. Moreover, the two sit in the first season in the waiting room of Gracie's therapist.
  • The scenes of Max's house in the pilot episode differ enormously from the scenes that were used in the course: The front door and the stairs are on the left side, from the second episode, however, they are on the right side.
  • In the introduction to the German version in the beginning of the original English theme song The Nanny Named Fran was used after a short time, however, RTL decided to synchronization. Today, RTL sends the German leader, while in the VOX and Super RTL repetitions is heard almost exclusively the English original.
  • Fran Drescher wore her own wedding ring while filming on the thumb, as they ( initially) not played in the series married Nanny.
  • In one episode ( the wedding ) is discussed about the " divine " status of Frank Sinatra. This episode was first broadcast on 13 May 1998. The following day Sinatra died.
  • Actual owner of C. Cs dog "Chester" was actress Fran Drescher.
  • Barbra Streisand has never even made ​​an appearance on "The Nanny". In the episode " Maggie's Wedding" but played Loren Michaels the Double.
  • In the 13th episode of Love must be crazy occurs Charles Shaughnessy on in his role as Maxwell Sheffield and exciting in the fourth episode of the series Sara's country life is to see Renee Taylor as Sylvia Fine. In The Nanny again Ray Romano completed a guest appearance as Ray Barone, the main role of Everybody Loves Raymond ( Season 5, Episode 19). Ray and Fran went to school together. This is The Nanny, the oldest series in the common series universe of Everybody Loves Raymond, Becker, Cosby, Love must be crazy, The Nanny, The King of Queens and Sara's exciting country life as well as the feature film This is Spinal Tap, in which the role Bobbi Flekman ( Season 5, Episode 3 ) was first shown.