Donald Trump

Donald John Trump ( born June 14, 1946 in New York City ) is an American entrepreneur. He is a tycoon in real estate. He became known especially by his extroverted behavior in the media and by the high-rise buildings named after him his company. Through the television show The Apprentice, its popularity has continued to increase and he is now one of the most famous business people in the United States.



Donald Trump was born the third of five children of the real estate entrepreneur Frederick Christ Trump Jr. and his wife Mary MacLeod Trump.

The Trump family had emigrated from Germany. The grandfather Friedrich Drumpf (1869-1918) and the grandmother Elisabeth Christ (1880-1966) came from Kallstadt (Pfalz ). Also from Kallstadt came the father of Henry John Heinz, founder of the HJ Heinz Company (tomato ketchup, etc.). Link these two families was Katharina Heinz, born Trump ( 1897-1987 ).


After high school, Trump studied economics at Fordham University in New York in 1968 and took his degree at the prestigious Wharton School.

Trump's father was with the construction of tenements in the New York districts Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Iceland multimillionaire and left with his company for the successor to a total value of around $ 400 million. Trump worked in his father's company and took over in 1974 presided over the company. He concentrated his business from now on Manhattan. He had it lucky that the city due to the bad economic situation, investors offered large tax rebates. For the acquisition of a hotel (now the Grand Hyatt Hotel New York), for example, he received a tax rebate of 40 years. In the 1980s he was also owner of the ( now defunct) Football Teams New Jersey Generals.

He also invested in several casinos. From the end of 1980, the company became increasingly problems, Trump then had to, among other half of the casino Taj Mahal and Plaza Hotels for sale.

Trump achieved to date in addition to the income generated by the Trump World Tower and other business houses also funds several casinos in Atlantic City, New Jersey and Florida, which are associated with recreation centers. The airline Trump Shuttle, however, he had to sell it again in 1992. 1994 Donald Trump appeared in the children's movie The Little Rascals with.

On November 22, 2004, the on Trump Casinos & Resorts Inc. ( Trump Hotels and Casinos Group) filed under Chapter 11 U.S. trade law to. The group is to be reconstructed from scratch and Trump wants to reduce its share from 47% to 27%.


In 1977 he married Ivana Trump. From this marriage the sons Donald Jr. ( born 1977 ) and Eric ( born 1984 ) and daughter Ivanka went bold (* 1981). In 1992 divorce.

1993 Marla Maples Trump married, with her he has a daughter named Tiffany (* 1993). In 1999 she got divorced.

Since 2005, Trump married to Melania Knauss. With it, he has a son named Barron William ( * 2006).

He is a member of the Collegiate Reformed Protestant Dutch Church, a Calvinist Reform Church.

Trump claims to be multi-billionaire with a fortune of more than $ 5 billion. Forbes magazine gives its assets (as of 2011) to 2.7 billion U.S. dollars.

In November 2005, a book was published by the New York Times - author Timothy O'Brien ( The Art of Being The Donald ), duly drawn up by the thesis, among other things, Trump is not a billionaire, but only multi-millionaire. O'Brien estimated his fortune at 150-250 million. Trump denied a this, filed suit and lost the suit. Instead it was discovered through the court process that the German bank him likewise not einschätze as a billionaire ( assets of $ 788 million ), which Trump rejected as well.


1989 and 2009 has been filed bankruptcy for significant parts of the company of Donald Trump.

Media Careers

From November 2003 to April 2004 was in the United States, the first season of a television show called The Apprentice (the trainees), in the Donald Trump an employee for his conglomerate was looking for. The winner waved a one-year contract for the dream job of a lifetime so designated by Trump with a salary of $ 250,000. In March 2004, he was elected in a poll of U.S. citizens to the most beloved billionaire.

In each episode one at the beginning of the 16 candidates was fired after they had to prove their commercial management talents in various group tasks. The term 're fired ( German You're fired ) was through the series in the United States to a winged phrase and attained cult status.

The winner was Bill Rancic and decided after his victory for a job in project management for the construction of a new Trump Towers in Chicago. The show was seen by an average of 26 million viewers in the U.S. and developed so unexpected for the radiating transmitter NBC to ratings success. The show was accompanied by a massive media hysteria, which had an enormous popularity profits for Donald Trump and the producers of the show, Mark Burnett result.

The second season ran from October 2004 to January 2005 with still relatively good, but noticeable drop in ratings; by the end of January to May 2005 was the third season. A fourth season was initially questionable, since Donald Trump filed for huge salary demands. But they agreed on and so ran in September 2005 to the fourth season. 2007 already the sixth season, the seventh ( Celebrity Apprentice ) was aired in 2008.

Since June 2004, Donald Trump has a daily radio show called Trumped. In January 2007 he received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Involvement in the WWE

In March 2007, he joined as part of a so-called Battle of the billionaires storyline regularly at WWE RAW on to feud against WWE owner Vince McMahon. The climax of this storyline was a match at Wrestlemania 23, had chosen to both billionaires a representative wrestler. Trump's protege Bobby Lashley won the argument against McMahon's protégé Umaga for himself and Vince McMahon were due to a special clause cut your hair. During the match, Trump was in the context of the storyline active with a clothesline to Vince McMahon. After the match he missed guest referee Steve Austin with a Stunner Trumps consent. On his entry into the Ford Arena Football he was real hundred dollar bills raining from the hall. McMahon thanked for cooperation with a check for a non-profit organization Trumps.

In June 2009, Trump was involved again in a storyline in WWE, those according to which he had taken over the show RAW. As part of the storyline, the RAW edition was commercial-free broadcast of 22 June 2009, and visitors to the RAW show in Green Bay received on 15 June 2009 back their entry fee. In addition, Trump attacked loud storyline into other storylines, prompting the change of several wrestlers from the WWE shows Raw, Smackdown and ECW. As the share price fell in the wake of the WWE storyline, and some shareholders apparently saw this as real, the commitment of Trump through the " buy-back " of RAW by Vince McMahon was stopped again. The WWE and the USA Network television stations will broadcast on RAW, also made ​​it clear in a press release that the commitment of Trump constitute only a storyline.

On February 25, 2013 it was announced that Donald Trump will be included in the WWE Hall of Fame.

Media dispute with Rosie O'Donnell

Trump began in early 2007 a ​​major media controversy with Rosie O'Donnell. He insulted her as a " fat pig ", " Loser" and " degenerate " because they had made ​​fun of him before in her TV show.

Building of Donald Trump

Donald Trump, has already completed many cities in the U.S., but also in other countries building projects. He also plans still building in Philadelphia, Las Vegas and also in Canada and Dubai. It was also planned each a Trump Tower in Stuttgart, Berlin and Frankfurt am Main, but these projects were dropped or postponed.

List of buildings Trumps:

  • The Trump Building
  • Trump International Hotel and Tower ( Chicago)
  • Trump International Hotel and Tower (Las Vegas )
  • Trump International Hotel and Tower (New York)
  • Trump International Hotel and Tower (Toronto)
  • Trump Tower
  • Trump World Tower

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