The Little Rascals (film)

The Little Rascals (Original Title: The little Rascals ) is an American family comedy of Universal Pictures in 1994 and based on the eponymous television series from the 1920s ( The Little Rascals ). Directed by Penelope Spheeris.


Spanky, Chairman of the " he-man woman-hater " clubs, and alfalfa are best friends. Together with the other 5 - to 9 -year-old club members they meet regularly in their clubhouse to Alfalfa falls in love with the lovely Darla, who is of the opinion that can not be a relationship and Alfalfas Club membership agreed.

To prove her his sincere love he invites her secretly in the clubhouse one to spend with her a romantic candle -lit dinner. Felt betrayed by his friend, Spanky sabotaged the date along with the other members. It so happens that the club house burns down, Darla disappointed and angry with alfalfa makes circuit and marched off with the rich and charming Waldo. Alfalfa must, however, be a severe penalty endure: he is forbidden from seeing Darla, no longer thinking of them and to all this day and night for the guarding of the "Blur ", a soap box of the club with which the victory of traditional soapbox race several times was won in a row, in charge. Spanky and his friends now take care of a new clubhouse. Unfortunately, they do not have enough money for enough lumber and are not creditworthy.

At the same alfalfa written a love letter to Darla, but gives to his friends that it was a hate letter with the following contents: "Dear Darla, I hate your stinking guts, you're sucks I think. You're the dirt between my toes. . Greetings Alfalfa "In reality, however, he writes :" Dear Darla, I can not live without you ... really ... I'm not joking. Your Romeo alfalfa. "Two friends deliver the letter, but which is unfortunately used as a handkerchief, so that they recite the contents orally. Outraged at the alleged hate speech Darla crushed a can. Spanky Alfalfa moved to talk to Darla and finally finish with her. Darla however, once a ballet performance and they have to wait. Butch and Woim, two thugs and their biggest soapbox derby rivals, they track down and hunt them up, disguised as ballet dancers to Spanky and Alfalfa, take to your heels. Their path leads into the girl's locker room, where alfalfa reaches handkerchief owned by Darla. In addition, they are forced to attend the show, which ends in a great comedy. Re on the run from Butch and Woim runs alfalfa in underwear, he still loses in the end, through the city and also still meets Darla, enjoyed themselves immensely on his sights.

In a fairground, the He -Man - woman-hater try to take money for the new clubhouse, which gives them only succeed when they collect for a free event actually money. When this blows up, and now it is questionable what to do with all the money, beats Spanky right to use the money as the winner award for the soap box derby. The "Blur " is stolen by Butch and Woim However, since alfalfa is too busy Darla to prove his love by a vocal appearance. However, Waldo him mixed before detergent in his glass of water, so that by the singing still Blubberblasen from Alfalfas gushing mouth. Darla feels disgraced. On top of that announces Spanky Alfalfa friendship because he has neglected his duty to Darla recover and thus the "Blur " was lost. However, the dispute does not last long and when they decide to hold reconciliation and a new soapbox to build "Blur 2 ", with which they can win the prize of $ 500, the He -Man - woman-hater.

As a favorite in the race, the teams alfalfa with Spanky, Darla and Waldo are with Butch with Woim. Alfalfa Darla fixed in the presence of her handkerchief as a lucky charm in the " Blur 2 ", which they are very excited. At first it looks for the victory of Team Spanky not look good, because Waldo Team and Team Butch fight with unfair means. Darla is thus not agreed and is in a race with no Waldo on. Ultimately make various circumstances it is possible that the He-Man - woman-hater achieve victory and land Butch and Woim in the mud.

Spanky Darla admits that he was responsible for the pranks on her date with alfalfa. In the " he-man woman-hater " club are from then on women welcome and Alfalfa and Darla finally find each other again.


  • Had cameo appearances include: Whoopi Goldberg, Mary -Kate Olsen, Ashley Olsen, Mel Brooks, Donald Trump.
  • The song " LOVE " by Frank Sinatra, which Waldo presented with Darla, Blake McIver Ewing sings again in the sitcom Full House, in which he also worked with Mary -Kate and Ashley Olsen.


" The laboriously stretched to feature length action is due to lack of directorial pace and unimaginative screenplay never going. Since the film for no target group may decide he is caught between two stools. The German synchronization destroys even the atmospheric mood of the film. " "


The film had its U.S. theatrical release on 5 August 1994, could import 52.1 million U.S. dollars from the world's 67.3 million U.S. dollars to the coffers. In Germany launched on December 8 at the box office and attracted 853 833 in the cinemas. After he was released on 21 June 1995 on VHS, the pay-TV broadcaster Premiere beamed at him from the first time on June 2, 1996. Since 29 March 2007, the film is available on DVD.