Recommended Records

Recommended Records (RER) is a UK based, independent recording and distribution network for political and Experimental Music in the range rock music.

Founder of the organization are Chris Cutler and Henry Cow, the London- founded the label in 1978.

1978 organized Veit Stauffer in Zurich a concert with the band Henry Cow. At the suggestion of Chris Cutler founded Veit 1979, together with Daniel Waldner in Switzerland " Records ( RecRec ) ", first as a mailorder shipping in 1981 with its own shop, followed in 1983, the label ( RecRec ) with its own music production. In the fall of 1983, Veit took over the company, whose range he constantly being extended through London music productions. 1991 appeared the first comprehensive Rec - Rec catalog, with a chronological description of each listed band.

The label has published over sixty bands and artists, including Fred Frith, Debile menthol, The Ex, Nimal, Negativland and Guy Klucevsek. The distribution promoted mainly Swiss bands and has now over the border in Switzerland a reputation as a promoter of alternative music.