The Ex (band)

The Ex is an anarcho- punk band from Amsterdam, which was founded in 1979 during the punk explosion and has since released more than 20 albums. Your own label was founded in 1988 called Ex Records.

Band members in the current composition are: Terrie Ex Hessels (guitar), Arnold de Boer ( vocals), Katherina (Katrin ) Karin Ex Borne field (drums ), Andy Moor Ex ( guitar). Terrie Hessels is the last remaining member of the original cast of 1979. GW Sok, singer and lyricist of the original lineup left The Ex 2009.

In the music of The Ex is one of the anarchic will of the expression, not harmonies or clocks. The text is generally more important than other parts. Accordingly, most of the pieces have an explicitly political context, how the charity single Weapons For El Salvador from 1981, which should support the armed resistance in El Salvador or the solidarity tour for the British miners' strike of 1983. Particular attention was the double -single 1936 - the spanish revolution (1986 ) which contained from next four pieces and on the Spanish Civil war an extensive bilingual booklet ( in the mini- CD version hardcover book ), which reports on the resistance of the anarchist Confederación Nacional del Trabajo.

The band is open to many musical influences: So they played in 1984 with the Kurdish group Awara, 1991 the saz player Brader and occurred since the 1990s variously with Sonic Youth, Tom Cora and with jazz musicians from the environment of Han Bennink and Misha Mengelberg ( ICP Orchestra ) on, for example 2000 as a 20 -member big band at the Holland Festival.

None of the band members took music lessons.