Reformed Political League

Gereformeerd Politiek Verbond ( Reformed Political Federation) was a political party in the Netherlands, which existed from 1948 to 2003. She was strictly Protestant - in the sense of Gereformeerden. As so-called confession party she was the representation of a viewpoint, not political influence. She received at the Chamber elections from 1963 each about one percent of the vote and put one or two MPs. She had up to 14,000 members, who should all belong to a vacated church after party opinion. In 2001, she teamed up with the Reformation Politieke Federatie together to ChristianUnion.

The establishment of the GPV was a result of a schism in 1944 from the union of the Reformed Churches in the Netherlands ( exempt ) was created. This had detached from the Gereformeerden because they felt themselves to be treated as unfair. In political terms, the group split by the ARP, a traditionally strict Protestant party. The final break between ARP and a preliminary Confederation of Free Choice associations, in 1950, and since then the GPV had his name.

The party appealed to a Protestant political thinkers of the 19th century, Guillaume Groen van Prinsterer. She wanted a strong monarchy with a king, the laws reviewed in the light of a Christian Constitution. Your general or additional Management Board was the generals Verbondsraad and the narrower Board ( Dagelijks bestuur in the Dutch tradition ) of the Centrale Verbondsraad. Both took on only members of the vacated churches that were to be regarded as the true churches. In individual local groups, the kiesverenigingen ( election organizations ) this could be regulated differently. In contrast to the traditional strict Protestant SGP women were allowed to be politically active.