Regina (train)

When Regina manufacturer Bombardier denotes a series of electric multiple units.

Use in Sweden

The railcars are built as two-and three -car trains since 2000. So far, 70 trainsets were built, which are used in the Swedish regional traffic at a number of regional operators with the type names X50, X51, X52, X53 and X54. They are approved for speeds of 200 or 180 km / h, the cars have a width of 345 cm. This is compatible with the Swedish Fahrzeugumgrenzungsprofil, but not with the in Germany and Denmark.

Swedish speed record

On July 26 of 2006, a Regina Trainset 281 km / h new speed record for rail vehicles in Sweden. He introduced so that a the previous record of 276 km / h X2000 trainset.

Within the project Gröna Tåget posted on September 14, 2008, a test train ( X52 9062 the owner Transitio ) 303 km / h new speed record for Sweden on the Westgötalandstrecke north of Skövde.

X55 / SJ 3000

The Swedish State Railways ordered in 2008 an additional 20 four -car trains, which should be delivered from April to August 2010, after the series X55. They have 245 seats, including 64 in the first class. Contrary to earlier information, which provided for a maximum speed of 250 km / h which multiple units are to be designed for 200 km / h. The purchase price amounts to eleven million euros per train. Moreover, there is an option for 20 additional trains. The multiple units to be distinguished by a particularly high energy efficiency, so that the consumption is about one-fifth lower than in the X2000.

The trains to the seat assembly 2 2 (opposite the Regina with 3 2 ) are provided for the routes from Stockholm to Dalarna and Värmland. There they are intended to replace the X2 unit trains. The first commercial use was between Stockholm and Sundsvall on 6 February 2012. In contrast to the internal designation X55 the name SJ 3000 is used in travel for the vehicles.